Ticketing for

Easy and efficient customer service

In case of an error, such as problems with the internet connection or service, customers can report a ticket from their MyPages, whereas Service Providers or Operators can create them under Admin.

In case of a known issue such as maintenance work in the network, users get a disruption notification via the Marketplace, MyPages, and/or the Dashboard.

Before a ticket can be reported, step-by-step troubleshooting instructions are displayed on the interface. If the problem can’t be solved with their help, the ticket is assigned to the Service Provider in the first place, and the Network Operator if the problem is network-related.

If any actions are needed to solve the problem, the ticket can be connected to a work order and the installer can see the ticket information.

Until the problem has been resolved, the customer gets status updates via e-mail, whereas Operators can reach out directly to Partners or Contractors.

Ticket categories as well as resolution codes are completely customizable and the time spent on each ticket is tracked for maximum control and transparency.

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