Disruption Notifications

Our Disruption Notifications feature has been in place for a long time and in case of a known issue such as maintenance work in the network, users get a disruption notification via the Marketplace, MyPages, and/or the Dashboard, depending on their role in the system (e.g. customer or admin).

Our latest update in COS Business Engine makes it easier to manage and communicate network outages. If a network element such as an OLT goes down you can create a disruption for that OLT and publish it on the marketplace; either visible for all subscribers or only those who are actually affected.

Using this function not only keeps your subscribers informed but also reduces the number of tickets that are created and reduces the workload for your support staff.

If a subscriber calls in, the support staff immediately sees that they are affected by an ongoing disruption and they are therefore able to provide the customer with accurate information right away.

If your NOC has monitors and automatically detects outages, our new Network Operations API can push that disruption into Business Engine.

This disruption is visible for all system users and they can choose to approve or edit the disruption message and publish it on the marketplace.

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