Broadband Survey

Survey your service area

With COS Service Zones, you start your project by surveying the demand for FTTH in your service area. Along with the survey, our software automatically collects IP-based information about which providers are currently being used and can carry out speed tests, to determine what speeds your future customers have today. This gives you actionable insight into competitor names, what services are used in your community, which services residents desire, and how likely residents are to sign up for them. 

Our intuitive map interface lets you easily divide your area into competing zones to help build out your network faster.  By encouraging their neighbors to complete a survey or sign up, the different zones or neighborhoods compete so their zone is built first. Promoting friendly community competition means sooner access to fast internet for residents.

The initial customer survey reveals which zone(s) show the highest demand for fiber and where your most motivated customers are located. This information helps you decide where to start your build-out and these zones are then moving on to the sign-up phase.

We know from experience that demand can vary greatly even in the same community, city, or region which makes this information priceless.

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