Subscriber Marketplace

Automated and digitized self-service 24/7

The key to efficient network operations is self-service and therefore, COS Business Engine has an integrated online marketplace.

This marketplace can be tailored, (visually) adapted, and branded and enables customers to choose what they want when they want and no matter where they are – around the clock!

The filter function makes it easy to choose between different services (e.g. internet, phone, tv) and to compare offers from different providers. At a glance, the customer sees which providers offer the best price to what conditions.

Once they have made their choice, neither the operator nor the service provider needs to take any further action, thanks to the zero-touch service provisioning functionality of COS Business Engine:  services are provisioned automatically and ready to be used at the customer’s address within minutes.

The online marketplace can essentially complete the tasks of an entire call center while eliminating human error. 

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