Integration with Adtran

Integration with Adtran

#19 We’re excited to announce Adtran as the newest addition to our supported hardware vendors. Adtran specializes in networking and communications solutions, offering robust features for efficient network management.

Our integration with Adtran, powered by the standard provisioning adapter, allows for seamless network build-out and service provisioning. This enhances our system’s compatibility with Adtran’s multi-vendor support, simplifying the addition of new hardware vendors to your network.

Through this partnership, our Business Engine now delivers more efficient automation and zero-touch provisioning. Discover the benefits of Adtran’s network solutions in our system.

Learn more about our integration with Adtran and how it streamlines your network management at

Auto Single Sign Up SSO

Auto Single Sign Up SSO

#18 Experience the next level of efficiency with Auth0’s Single Sign-On (SSO) seamlessly integrated into our Business Engine System. Say goodbye to multiple logins and hello to enhanced user convenience. Auth0 simplifies identity management, allowing your users to access all your applications with a single set of credentials. Our platform offers easy application integration and ensures top-notch security. Elevate user experience, streamline authentication, and increase security – all with Auth0’s powerful SSO functionality. 

We are continuously extending our partnerships by adding support for hardware vendors and provisioning system

We are continuously extending our partnerships by adding support for hardware vendors and provisioning system

#16 We are continuously extending our partnerships by adding support for hardware vendors and provisioning systems. PacketFront BECS is a network management system that enables the automation of network build-out, configuration management, service provisioning, and resource management. We have successfully implemented the standard provisioning adapter into our system, and with support for BECS in our integration portfolio, we can now facilitate even more hardware vendors by utilizing BECS’s multi-vendor support. BECS abstracts the network presented to Business Engine, meaning that adding new hardware vendors to your network does not require additional integrations.

Together with Business Engine, automation and zero-touch provisioning have never been easier!

OSP insights IQGeo integration

OSP insights IQGeo integration

#15 is a great one! We have added support for — yet another — Fiber Documentation System in our portfolio. With this integration, you are able to import service location addresses into Business Engine when an area is ready for registering orders and to be built.

Business Engine shows the name and identity of the building and the connected fiber route from OSPInsight/IQGEO. There is also a direct link in Business Engine to view the relevant building in OSPInsight. The same information is also available for the technician doing the installation. In the background, Business Engine updated the status and information, such as a completed “installation task” in OSPInsight related to the service location and the service order process. Altogether, it makes planning, building, and operating your network much easier. But see for yourself and watch the video here


freeRadius integration COS

#10 Is really exciting news from the COS team!

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest advancement: a native freeRADIUS integration designed to revolutionize your network management. This cutting-edge feature supports a wide array of vendors, BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), DHCP servers, and third-party provisioning systems. It works by utilizing ONT and Subscriber attributes in line with the RADIUS standard.

What sets this integration apart is its incredible flexibility. It’s tailored to accommodate any vendor-specific attributes for BNGs, including popular ones like netElastic, Juniper, and Nokia, among others. This means you can seamlessly integrate various provisioning systems and methods into one unified platform without the hassle of individual or separate integrations.

Thinking of upgrading your network element provisioning? Now’s the time to embrace the power of RADIUS with COS Business Engine’s freeRADIUS integration. Simplify your network management today!

COS Prospects API

#9 With our Prospects Partner API, it is now possible to synchronize and utilize the data you’ve gathered from other sources, e.g., the results of a broadband survey, (pre) sign-ups for your offers, or orders from your subscribers.

Even if you’re not using our marketplace to run your network, you have access to all that data, and without “swivel charing,” you can see and do the following on your BE interface:

Check availability: Search for an object to see if the option to take a survey, sign up for services, or order services is available for that object/address.

Check the status: Search for an object to see how many orders have been placed, surveys conducted, or sign-ups (prospects) have been created.

COS Prospects API


Network Operations API - disruptions


#6 We have several great, native integrations fostered by deep industry relationships with key partners in place, and #6 is the new API (Application Programming Interface) that we have added to our Partner API suite.

Often, a Network Operations Center – a NOC- runs and monitors a fiber network. Our integration synchronizes information between the NOC, Business Engine , and the subscriber.

It allows the NOC to push information about network disruptions into Business Engine and connect affected customers (their addresses) to this disruption.

In practice, this means that a customer experiencing trouble with their connection (because they’re affected by the disruption but don’t know it) will either go online to report the error or call their Service Provider to do so.

The start page displays information about the disruption if they go to the online marketplace to create a ticket (upgrade services or update their payment info or address)

If they choose to call their Service Provider (SP) instead, the SP sees the same information when they view the customer on the admin interface in Business Engine. 

We are thrilled to announce that we are now one of Calix elite partners! As Calix’ leading BSS/OSS partner with open access/wholesale functionality, we are really excited about the upgraded partnership and are looking forward to future projects and continuous collaboration.

Calix Partners deliver services and solutions that simplify the management of fiber and broadband networks through custom design and operations, excite the customer subscribers, and help grow their business.

Elite Partners hold the highest tier in the Calix Partner Program. They are rapidly growing industry disrupters, changing the way our businesses and customers operate and evolve. Elite partners are the most aligned and highly integrated early adopters of Calix technologies, hold the strongest relationships, and share a large number of joint customers. They also support Calix initiatives and in return receive dedicated relationship management and a seat at the table for strategic innovation from Calix.


A symbolic bridge representing the strengthened Calix Investor Relations, fostering collaborative growth and innovation with COS Systems as a strategic partner in the telecommunications industry.

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