Your customer’s journey usually starts with an address search on your marketplace to see which services are available at their location. Until now, every spelling mistake could lead to incorrect or no results at all! Our recently added Fuzzy Search functionality helps correct spelling mistakes, and even if only fragments of an address are entered into the search field, the correct address will be located and displayed. Fuzzy Search automatically corrects minor inaccuracies, which leads to more successful searches and a seamless ordering process for your subscribers. This small but significant update means smoother transactions for your customers and fewer support requests for you. 

Network Trouble Shooting COS Business Engine

File Attachments to Tickets


Network operators need to get a comprehensive overview of their network quickly. Our new tree view displays the statuses of different network elements in the system. It helps network operators visualize, locate, and troubleshoot any issues in their network quicker and more efficiently.

Our Provisioning Dashboard shows you the total count of ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) in your network and whether they are online or offline. From there, you can easily access the tree view that opens when you click on the network element widget:

COS Systems Network Monitoring

The tree’s nodes are Technical Area, OLT, and port. The number of ONTs on each level is visible

You also see if these ONTs are online or offline- information we gather from our many hardware vendor integrations, and that is displayed and easily available in the tree view.


COS Systems Network Monitoring

You can click on the different nodes in the tree to get to the corresponding entity. By using this feature, a network operator can easily see if there is a problem on a specific OLT or port.



Whether you are operating an Open Access Network or an Internet Service Provider offering external services, billing the providers using your network infrastructure and keeping track of fees and payments might seem daunting. It doesn’t have to be! 

Our Stripe integration in Business Engine has been extended to support Stripe Connect, which is specifically designed for payments on platforms and marketplaces.

Every time a subscriber uses their preferred payment method to pay their service fee to a service provider on your network, the money is automatically transferred to the Operator’s or ISP’s Stripe account. From there, the payment, minus the fee you charge the providers on your network, is deposited into the provider’s Stripe account – all happening in the background without the subscribers even thinking about the platform’s existence.

This makes billing easier for everybody!

Learn more about the COS Subsriber Marketplace here.


Support for Calix Cloud Solutions

Support for Calix Cloud Solutions

#22 If you are using Calix hardware in your network together with Calix Cloud solutions, Business Engine can automatically update Subscriber and order information in Calix Cloud. For example, if a subscriber contacts their ISP due to a problem with their network, the ISP has access to all Calix cloud-stored data. As an Elite Partner to Calix, we can help deliver more value to your business and an even better subscriber experience!

Multi-Vendor Support DZS

Multi-Vendor Support DZS

#21 By now, you should know that we love building integrations that enrich our solution and help to grow and future-proof your business. An open mindset for new technologies and partnerships is in our DNA. Our system is built from the ground up for automation and multi-vendor support.

That is why DZS and Xtreme Access fit our platform so well. DZS Xtreme standards-compliant APIs and multi-vendor support not only simplify our integration but also enable a future-proof network.

Integration with Adtran

Integration with Adtran

#19 We’re excited to announce Adtran as the newest addition to our supported hardware vendors. Adtran specializes in networking and communications solutions, offering robust features for efficient network management.

Our integration with Adtran, powered by the standard provisioning adapter, allows for seamless network build-out and service provisioning. This enhances our system’s compatibility with Adtran’s multi-vendor support, simplifying the addition of new hardware vendors to your network.

Through this partnership, our Business Engine now delivers more efficient automation and zero-touch provisioning. Discover the benefits of Adtran’s network solutions in our system.

Learn more about our integration with Adtran and how it streamlines your network management at

freeRadius integration COS

#10 Is really exciting news from the COS team!

We’re thrilled to introduce our latest advancement: a native freeRADIUS integration designed to revolutionize your network management. This cutting-edge feature supports a wide array of vendors, BNGs (Broadband Network Gateways), DHCP servers, and third-party provisioning systems. It works by utilizing ONT and Subscriber attributes in line with the RADIUS standard.

What sets this integration apart is its incredible flexibility. It’s tailored to accommodate any vendor-specific attributes for BNGs, including popular ones like netElastic, Juniper, and Nokia, among others. This means you can seamlessly integrate various provisioning systems and methods into one unified platform without the hassle of individual or separate integrations.

Thinking of upgrading your network element provisioning? Now’s the time to embrace the power of RADIUS with COS Business Engine’s freeRADIUS integration. Simplify your network management today!

COS Prospects API

#9 With our Prospects Partner API, it is now possible to synchronize and utilize the data you’ve gathered from other sources, e.g., the results of a broadband survey, (pre) sign-ups for your offers, or orders from your subscribers.

Even if you’re not using our marketplace to run your network, you have access to all that data, and without “swivel charing,” you can see and do the following on your BE interface:

Check availability: Search for an object to see if the option to take a survey, sign up for services, or order services is available for that object/address.

Check the status: Search for an object to see how many orders have been placed, surveys conducted, or sign-ups (prospects) have been created.

COS Prospects API


Network Operations API - disruptions


#6 We have several great, native integrations fostered by deep industry relationships with key partners in place, and #6 is the new API (Application Programming Interface) that we have added to our Partner API suite.

Often, a Network Operations Center – a NOC- runs and monitors a fiber network. Our integration synchronizes information between the NOC, Business Engine , and the subscriber.

It allows the NOC to push information about network disruptions into Business Engine and connect affected customers (their addresses) to this disruption.

In practice, this means that a customer experiencing trouble with their connection (because they’re affected by the disruption but don’t know it) will either go online to report the error or call their Service Provider to do so.

The start page displays information about the disruption if they go to the online marketplace to create a ticket (upgrade services or update their payment info or address)

If they choose to call their Service Provider (SP) instead, the SP sees the same information when they view the customer on the admin interface in Business Engine.