Demand Aggregation made easy! 

Our latest update in COS Business Engine makes it easier to track the progress in your network. How large is the demand for buildout in a specific area? Compare different areas in our new area page, both as a sortable list and in a map where areas can be shown color coded depending on their current phase or with a gradient indicating their take rate. Show the distribution of individual surveys or signups within an area. Is demand heavier in the northern part than in the southern? Just split the area in half and start connecting the northern part while you continue to gather interest in the southern part. 

Areas can be added as a layer in all maps, your imagination the only limit.

 We constantly strive for improvement! 

In COS Business Engine there are tons of filtering options and you can build your own queries to filter out exactly the data that is of most interest to you.

The updated function makes the daily work on our platform easier and allows you to effortlessly

  • Save your favorite queries (e.g. a list of company services, orders in a certain group, or a certain type of object, etc.)
  • Export a query result as an Excel or CSV report
  • Create advanced queries
  • Send your query view to someone else

Many of our customers are already using the integrated online marketplace, enabling their subscribers to choose what they want when they want and no matter where they are – 24/7! Our updated and improved version of the platform allows for even more customization and makes it easier for you to

  • Customize the portal to your brand guidelines and needs
  • Modify existing templates and create your own look and feel