It has been read, often quoted, and used to explain Open Access by many.

What was once written as a blog post on our website in 2019 has now been updated and edited into a White Paper.

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An Open Access approach offers many advantages:

  • Higher take rates than if you market a single service network. In fact, take rates are often up to three times as high – as consumers tend to spend more when given ample choices.
  • A more profitable business model because it gives you access to the wholesale revenue streams – it allows you to become a specialist in your field.
  • Improved public and private partnerships as communities can invest in infrastructure and provide their citizens with digital possibilities; without having to compete with commercial consumer services.

Curious to learn more? Read our white paper on the subject

We are very proud to have made the Broadband Communities’ Top 100 Companies list of FTTH leaders and innovators 2022, for the ninth concecutive year! Our products and dedication to our customers stand the test of time.

Selection Criteria*

In selecting the FTTH Top 100, the editors looked for organizations that advance the cause of fiber-based broadband by

  • Deploying networks that are large or ambitious, have innovative business plans, or are intended to transform local economies or improve communities’ quality of life
  • Supplying key hardware, software or services to deployers
  • Introducing innovative technologies with game-changing potential, even if they have not yet been commercially deployed
  • Providing critical conditions for fiber builds, such as advocacy or demand aggregation






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Good news everybody – order at COS has been restored and our all-around talent Spencer is back at the office!

After spending time away from us and doing something even more meaningful (being a full-time dad of three), Spencer has finally returned to the office and is ready to put his mind to and focus on how to connect the unconnected.

In order to write this piece, I’ve asked several colleagues what Spencer’s actual title is and what he’s especially good at. The answer won’t surprise those who know him but it seems from Sales to Customer Support and Business Development, he can do it all and he does it well! He might even be able to build the trenches to bury fiber conduits but I’m not sure…. 

So welcome back to the office Spencer!

How long have you been gone?

Spencer: About seven-eight months.

What’s your title?

Spencer: [Laughter] I’m not sure….*

What did you miss the most about working at COS?

Spencer: Warm coffee, the contact with our client’s and Ander’s jokes.

What are you especially looking forward to?

Spencer: Meeting new colleagues*, COFFEE!, playing padel, hearing about new customers and other COS updates.

*Like me, yey

You’ve been working at COS Systems for almost six years, what do you think we’re best at? 

Spencer: We’re not only a  great group of hard-working passionate colleagues but we also know how to have fun together when we are not working- Fika, Padel, some beers, etc.

I agree, thanks for taking the time to chat Spencer – now let’s get some coffee! 

If you want to know more about Spencer or (re)connect with him to talk about your fiber projects and needs, don’t hesitate to reach out. 

LinkedIn e-mail +46 72 557 39 90



*Note: Since our interview, Spencer has been promoted to Head of Technical Sales Support, congratulations!


Norbert will join forces with our sales team and ensure that our customers are well taken care of and get their voices heard. Born and raised in France, he has been living in the US for 22 years and is today based in San Francisco, California. From there, he will further strengthen our presence in the US, making it even easier to provide that little extra for our North American customers. Aside from helping our customers to get to know our system as well as possible, he will make sure their feedback is used to make our products even better.

Norbert added a creative touch to his background in engineering and on top of his master’s degrees in Telecom and Business Unit Management, studying Liberal Arts in Madrid. He has worldwide experience in the telecom and IT industries, working for global equipment suppliers and operators in large corporations and start-ups. He has worked in consulting, sales and operations, and managed relationships with government representatives, enterprises, and strategic partners. 

Norbert shares our passion for Open Access and has worked as an Operations Director for Covage, an open access network operator in France and Spain.

To name just a few more of his former positions, he has worked as Services Director for Huawei in France, and before that, held a position as Business Development Manager for Interwave, a Silicon Valley start-up selling wireless solutions in Latin America and Asia. 

Before joining our team, Norbert has been working as a Consulting Director/Account Manager, covering the US and Canada, for a software company that develops web-based work management software.

Aside from Norbert’s professional background, San Francisco bay is his playground and he has already invited the team on a trip on his new sailing boat. Other than that, he is a fan of the golden state warriors who just won the 2022 NBA Championship!

“Norbert has a unique combination of an international telecom background and being one of few in the USA with extensive Open Access Network operations experience. As we now see a wave of new Open Access operators starting up in North America, and choosing our platform for their operations, there is no doubt  Norbert will be of great value for our growing team and customer base,” says Isak Finér, COS Systems CRO. 


Click here to connect with Norbert

Watch here what a great partnership like ours between COS, Lit Communities and Calix can look like and achieve!




Join Ashley in Keystone, Colorado May 23-25 for this year’s Mountain Connect conference. Or meet Mikael and Jessica in Vienna May 23-25 where we attend the world’s largest fiber summit, the FTTH Conference 2022.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to schedule a meeting and enjoy the weekend!

From fashion to fiber

This week, we expanded our team with a new colleague. Maren Buchmüller joins our fantastic team as a Digital Marketing Manager with ten years of experience in communications and marketing, she will help us connect even more people to affordable broadband with our software.

Maren grew up in southern Germany and  after graduating from University of Heidelberg in 2011, she’s been living in different parts of Sweden  and  recently moved to Umeå where our head office is located. She claims to understand all Swedish accents now and is really excited about being able to bike to the office again 😉

After working in the public sector in southern Sweden, Maren spent the last five years working for one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers in Stockholm. At H&M Headquarters, she held positions both at the Marketing and the Online Sales department and is therefore experienced in working with global campaigns, large-scale collaborations as well as country-specific campaigns.

During her time at H&Ms Online Sales department she gained valuable insights into handling different CMS systems, switching between technical platforms in order to expand to different countries and learned what it actually takes to  reach the customer with your message.

She definitely sharpened her marketing skills during this period and knows how to put the customer first.

“We’re excited to have Maren on our team and know she will help us connect with our customers even better.” says COS Systems CRO Isak Finer.