COS is curious! Great user experience is crucial; therefore, we’d like to know what’s important to you as an internet user‍.

This time, we wanted to know how you prefer to buy or switch your internet service.

93% of respondents favor purchasing their internet services online rather than via phone. This is no surprise to us, as we see similar numbers for the usage of our online marketplace. However, we believe it’s not a matter of choosing one over the other.

Consider these key factors:

Providing an online buying experience meets the demands of most customers.
By reducing the need for phone staff, significant cost savings can be achieved.
And with fewer calls to handle, your staff can dedicate more time to delivering great service to those who prefer talking to someone over the phone – after all, 7% of your customers do.

passwordless authentication



We’re simplifying access to the marketplace by introducing passwordless authentication. When activated, your customers can create an account or log in to an existing account by simply entering their email address and following the link they received in an email from Business Engine. The link takes them back to the marketplace where they left off, and they are automatically logged in. Eliminating the need for passwords not only improves the user experience but also enhances the security associated with traditional passwords.

Money - Bead Broadband Funding for Network Expansion

Grant funding such as BEAD money and private dollars have been flowing into the telecom industry for new fiber and broadband expansion at record-breaking rates. However, new challenges arise as traditional providers expand and upgrade their networks. How do you ensure network expansion without unnecessary business expansion?

Now is the time for operators and service providers to closely examine their internal processes and systems, and they need to ask themselves the following questions.

  • Can you truly scale with your current software?
  • Do you still have to click ten times in your system to provision a customer? 
  • Are you still dealing with customer-centered billing and confusion about where your data is and if it’s accurate?

Embracing Automation for the Future of FTTH Networks

The future of FTTH networks is fast, reliable, and automated, so if the answer to any of these questions is no, it is time to invest in modern and specialized end-to-end automation software that delivers excellent customer support.

Future-Proof Your Network with COS Systems

Future-proof your network today and scale to meet today’s demands on FTTH.

COS Systems delivers cloud-hosted software to plan, build, and manage broadband networks globally. COS Business Engine is a proven network management solution (BSS/OSS) supporting Service Providers and Open Access networks. An address-driven and data-centered approach gives operators a single source of truth for their FTTH business data.

Our end-to-end platform provides subscriber self-service and digital sales and marketing through an online marketplace. The platform can activate service orders automatically within a minute, and billing follows with no operator interaction. It offers an exceptional user experience, increasing take rates and revenue.’ As the centerpiece of your fiber business, it integrates with other specialized software platforms to digitize fiber construction management and mapping, creating a comprehensive end-to-end solution for maximum efficiency. 

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For a deeper dive into this topic, we highly recommend reading our whitepaper.

Fiber Marketing Solutions: Computer and Shopping Cart for Enhanced ISP Business

Fiber to the home is a take-rate game!  The main goal is to make your network as attractive as possible for subscribers and to increase take rates.

Are you a traditional Internet Service Provider (ISP), an Open Access Operator, an ISP on an open access network or a wholesale network operator? Either way, your main goal is to make the network as attractive as possible and to have as many subscribers as possible to increase revenues.

As an ISP, you want to promote your company and all your services. As a network operator, you want to promote every service available on your network – whether it is an internet service, telehealth (telemedicine), or something else.

Fiber Marketing

What you need is an online marketplace that allows you to present all services to the end customer: A subscriber marketplace that allows self-service and a great customer experience 24/7.

This gives your subscribers to order what they want – when they want and to easily switch or add services, and it allows you to operate your business more efficiently, with less staff and more profitable.

Let’s Connect and Transform Your Fiber Project

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If you want to dive deeper into the topic, I highly recommend reading our whitepaper.