Person working on a computer, illustrating the efficiency of Enterprise Network Solutions with COS Business Engine.

Enterprise services are integral to any fiber operator’s business to utilize the network and support customer segments that require more advanced and customized services. Typical customer segments include large Enterprises, property owners, other operators/ISPs, mobile operators, cloud providers, etc. Services to these customer segments include

  1. Standardized internet services (automatically provisioned) 
  2. Internet/DIA and IP transits with static IP configuration or routing of IP subnets
  3. IP-VPN and FW services, point-to-multipoint networks
  4. Transparent Ethernet services, point-to-point or point-to-multipoint
  5. Dark fiber or Wavelengths, point-to-point
  6. Other offerings like hosting, colocation, SLA, QoS, patches etc.

COS Business Engine helps your sales department keep track of every enterprise deal and where it is delivered in the network so that you always have the correct information for support, maintenance, and invoicing.  

  1. Enterprise deals and ISPs’ residential customers on the open network – we provide you with everything on the same billing specification. 
  2. To manage processes for order fulfillment and keep master data for all orders, services, statuses, and billing data. 
  3. Manage network incidents and planned O&M in one process and notify Enterprise customers as well as residential customers at the same time, using the “Disruptions” functionality. 
  4. Integrations to any external CRM tool where you manage the sales process to create orders/customers (Partner API)
  5. Built-in customer portal for customer communication, tickets, and store contracts (PDF or “digital order”) Customer Portal

Optimize the ticketing process by using one process where you can manage all your customers and differentiate depending on customer type and SLA.