We are thrilled to present Super Search, our newly revamped search feature designed to make finding anything in the system easier than ever! 

Here’s what makes Super Search exceptional:

Enhanced Precision: Quickly locate Service Locations, Orders, Customers, or Tickets with unparalleled accuracy.

Typo Tolerance: No more retyping due to pesky typos—Super Search understands and adjusts!

Intuitive Associations: Search for a customer’s name and easily access that customer’s orders and more.

Say goodbye to tedious searches and hello to Super Search, your new go-to tool for a streamlined, efficient workflow!

Your customer’s journey usually starts with an address search on your marketplace to see which services are available at their location. Until now, every spelling mistake could lead to incorrect or no results at all! Our recently added Fuzzy Search functionality helps correct spelling mistakes, and even if only fragments of an address are entered into the search field, the correct address will be located and displayed. Fuzzy Search automatically corrects minor inaccuracies, which leads to more successful searches and a seamless ordering process for your subscribers. This small but significant update means smoother transactions for your customers and fewer support requests for you.