COS Prospects API

#9 With our Prospects Partner API, it is now possible to synchronize and utilize the data you’ve gathered from other sources, e.g., the results of a broadband survey, (pre) sign-ups for your offers, or orders from your subscribers.

Even if you’re not using our marketplace to run your network, you have access to all that data, and without “swivel charing,” you can see and do the following on your BE interface:

Check availability: Search for an object to see if the option to take a survey, sign up for services, or order services is available for that object/address.

Check the status: Search for an object to see how many orders have been placed, surveys conducted, or sign-ups (prospects) have been created.

COS Prospects API


Network Operations API - disruptions


#6 We have several great, native integrations fostered by deep industry relationships with key partners in place, and #6 is the new API (Application Programming Interface) that we have added to our Partner API suite.

Often, a Network Operations Center – a NOC- runs and monitors a fiber network. Our integration synchronizes information between the NOC, Business Engine , and the subscriber.

It allows the NOC to push information about network disruptions into Business Engine and connect affected customers (their addresses) to this disruption.

In practice, this means that a customer experiencing trouble with their connection (because they’re affected by the disruption but don’t know it) will either go online to report the error or call their Service Provider to do so.

The start page displays information about the disruption if they go to the online marketplace to create a ticket (upgrade services or update their payment info or address)

If they choose to call their Service Provider (SP) instead, the SP sees the same information when they view the customer on the admin interface in Business Engine.