New Speed Test Module in the Latest COS Service Zones Release

COS Service Zones Internet Speed Test - Measure, Prove, and Secure

In the latest version of COS Service Zones, that was released just days ago, our most exciting new feature is the integrated speed test. Perhaps you need to prove to investors or decision makers that the need for better broadband is there or strengthen your grant application with actual speed test results showing that people are not getting sufficient speeds?

All of us working hard to bring fiber broadband to more people can probably agree that the FCC definition of Broadband being at least 25 Mbps download and 3 Mbps upload speeds, was outdated even when it was launched in 2015. In these days of Covid-19, when so many people around the globe are working and studying from home, there are probably few who would agree that a 25/3 Mbps connection is sufficient for video conferencing, online studies, streaming, etc. All in all – speed matters, which is at the core of our latest release of COS Service Zones. Read more about COS Service Zones 4.1 here!

With this recent release we now offer our COS Service Zones customers to have a dedicated cloud hosted speed test. By testing towards a neutral cloud server, it will resemble what speeds the subscriber will actually see while using their internet connection on a daily basis. Some speed tests will test against your provider’s server which will show an idealized result, which is not the case with this test.

Obviously, the test is allowing the subscribers to see what kind of speeds they are currently getting and commenting their result, but we have of course packaged this data nicely with all the other data we gather with COS Service Zones. By having the speed test results tied to the address, coordinates and the subscriber’s survey response, many interesting questions can be answered. What is the correlation between what they are paying for and what speeds they are actually getting? Are people on different competitive providers showing different speed test results? Are there any high download or upload speeds available out there today? And of course, when running an actual test, how many are reaching speeds of 25/3 Mbps? Reliable speed test data can be crucial when applying for grants or explaining to key stakeholders why it is important to take the decision to invest in better broadband.

We hope and believe that by adding speed test results to the proven demand aggregated neighborhood by neighborhood, our customers can easier secure funding and prove the need for better broadband to decision makers – making more fiber projects move forward faster

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