COS Systems a Top 100 FTTH Company in the USA for the 8th consecutive year

COS Systems: Top 100 FTTH Company for 8th Consecutive Year

COS Systems: Top 100 FTTH Company for 8th Consecutive Year

Every year the leading fiber broadband publication Broadband Communities Magazine lists the Top 100 companies in the Fiber To The Home Industry in the United States. For the 8th year straight COS Systems earns a place on the list for its innovative software solutions allowing fiber builders to capture demand for fiber and operate True Open Access Networks with world-leading efficiency.

As the FTTH market continues to grow in the USA, COS System’s solutions are becoming increasingly important. Today, compared to eight years ago when COS first earned a position on the prestigious list, more types of entities are entering the fiber industry. While eight years ago mostly the incumbent carriers and some private ISPs were making efforts to deploy fiber networks, today many of the buildouts are driven by communities, utilities and coops.

The COS Service Zones platform, playing a vital role in any fiber deployment is used to survey communities about their need for better broadband as well as allowing the fiber builder to pre-sign up customers. By dividing the planned build-out area into smaller “fiberhoods” and letting them compete to reach signup take-rate targets, the fiber builder will know where demand is sufficient for initiating the build-out. While this helps any kind of entity reduce the risk of a build-out by signing customers up beforehand, COS Systems other solutions are very well suited to meet demands of the new entrants to the market.

As community focused entities are planning to build out fiber networks they tend to have an infrastructure view, in contrast to traditional service providers who focus largely on the services. For a municipality the biggest interest is rather what community benefits a fiber infrastructure would bring in the form of quality of life for residents and competitiveness of their businesses. With COS Business Engine, the BSS/OSS platform developed specifically for streamlining operations of True Open Access networks, COS Systems shares this infrastructure view of fiber. While the community can focus on finding ways to get the fiber infrastructure deployed, choosing an Open Access model allows them to partner with private service providers for bringing services to the

“We are happy to be on the list for yet another year and with the market development we are seeing I am certain we will be on the list next year as well! As municipalities are stepping up and taking lead in the efforts to get their communities connected, the interest in Open Access networks is increasing rapidly. This will especially benefit rural America since they will be able to attract service providers who would otherwise not be able to offer services due to constraining deployment costs. If communities can find ways to get the infrastructure in place, Open Access and the market forces within the private sector will take care of the rest. We’ll be there to make sure there are systems supporting both the demand based incremental build-out as well as the efficient operations of a network with multiple competing service providers”, says Isak Finer, CMO and VP North America at COS Systems.


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COS SYSTEMS is a leading provider of software to plan, deploy and operate modern broadband networks that support services from one or more providers, using a powerful yet simple self-service interface. Specializing in True Open Access Networks, COS Systems takes customer needs and delivers innovative software solutions that streamline operations, accelerate revenue, and deliver more satisfied subscribers. Learn more about COS Systems at

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