Infiniti Broadband Selects COS Service Zones

COS System’s Demand Aggregation Platform COS Service Zones will Enable Infiniti Broadband to Survey Communities and Pre-sell Services in Order to Determine Optimal Roll-Out Order of Their Fixed Wireless Network.

Infinity broadband chooses COS Service Zones

Johnie Johnson, Infiniti Broadband, Bjorn Wannman, COS Systems, Gregg Iser, Infiniti Broadband

Louisville, KY – In WISPA’s (Wireless Internet Service Providers Association) spring meeting, WISPAmerica, Infiniti Broadband announced they selected COS Service Zones to aggregate demand for their future network build-outs. Infiniti Broadband has set out to deliver state of the art fixed wireless LTE broadband services in underserved top major markets, medium-sized cities and rural areas. Their services will first be launched in selected US markets, but the ambition is to rapidly expand into more US states and the Caribbean.

“Our ambition is to deliver best-in-class services and solutions to the rural areas, which are frequently overlooked” said Johnie Johnson, President and CEO of Infiniti Broadband.

“Our decision is based on two major factors; use COS Service Zones to survey the targeted communities and sign up customers. If we ask the residents to show us where they want our services, we will be able to deliver great broadband where the need is greatest. It also enables us to expand faster, as we know our ROI is achieved when we deploy our network where enough subscribers have committed to our service which helps justify the build-out.”

Johnie Johnson, President and CEO of Infiniti Broadband

“We are thrilled to work with Infiniti Broadband to connect rural America. Their leadership has extensive experience of the industry and a firm plan for a rapid expansion. We are very proud to be part of that plan”

said Bjorn Wannman, International Business Developer at COS Systems.

The COS Service Zones platform will enable residents and businesses to locate their community’s zone on the web based platform at infiniti.servicezones.net, where they will see how many people are needed to reach the take-rate threshold for their zone to qualify for Infiniti’s final assessment prior to build-out. The platform will also be open for survey takers from any location within the selected states, so that anyone wanting better broadband can indicate their interest. If Infiniti finds enough interest in a specific location it will be added to the list of communities competing to get enough subscribers pre-signed to justify a network build-out.

“It’s really up to the people out there in rural America to show us where they want our services the most”, concludes Johnson.

“We know we have a great platform for demand aggregation which is proven by the customers already signed up in half of all US states. But Infiniti’s project is the first of this magnitude, where entire states are targeted. We are very excited to see COS Service Zones execute on this large scale and to be part of this journey where the rural communities will have the opportunity to get access to next generation connectivity,”

Isak Finér, CMO at COS Systems.

About Infiniti Broadband

Infiniti Broadband: a nationwide provider of fixed wireless broadband services. Infiniti Broadband, based out of Tulsa, OK, will launch services throughout the United States and Caribbean in 2016 and will expand rapidly into many top major markets, medium sized cities and rural areas. In addition to its state of the art Broadband Services, Infiniti Broadband provides technology CORE hosting services and resale of equipment to medium and small technology companies in an effort to expedite speed to market and meet and exceed customer demands.

About COS Systems

COS Systems is a leading provider of software to plan, deploy and manage modern broadband networks that support services from one or more providers, using a powerful yet simple self-service interface. COS Systems takes customer needs and delivers innovative software solutions that streamline operations, accelerate revenue and deliver more satisfied subscribers. Learn more about COS Systems on www.cossystems.com.

About COS Service Zones

“Build it, and they will come?” Now, there’s a better way to roll-out broadband networks – with committed customers. No more deploying from one end of town to the other – then chasing customers.

  1. Draw multiple competing zones across your city or town.
  2. See demand build in real-time as customers signup using your branded website.
  3. Deploy, once target take-rate is reached, to accelerate profitability.

Our mission: Subscriber-backed, successful build-outs, and no more failed projects. COS Service Zones brings broadband to homes all across the globe. Let’s discover the demand in your community.

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