COS Systems Presents Major Upgrades to Their Cloud Hosted Demand Aggregation Platform COS Service Zones with the Launch of Version 3.0

With the release of COS Service Zones 2.0 in March 2016 the customer facing websites saw great improvements leaving even more choice to network builders to customize the appearance of their customer facing portal while still delivering an off-the-shelf product. With the introduction of COS Service Zones 3.0 the usability has been in focus making it even faster and easier to get up and running and manage the demand aggregation campaigns.

Umea, Sweden – “We have had customers launching their campaigns in less than a week from signing up, but some customers have required more time to get started. While we often hear it’s an easy to use software we still felt we needed to do a focused effort on simplifying the work of not only getting started using the platform but also to use it over time,” says Senior System Architect and COS Systems co-founder Peter Sjöblom.

COS Service Zones is a cloud-hosted software designed to enable any company or community planning to build a broadband network to divide their future service area into competing neighborhood zones. Residents and businesses are directed to an easily customized website where they can search for their address to see if they are in one of the zones competing to get service first. Each neighborhood zone has a take-rate threshold and it’s up to the residents to come together and prove that they want to be built first by signing up for service pre-deployment. Since first launched in 2013 it has undergone substantial development based on feedback from many types of customers and markets.

Simplified User Experience with COS Service Zones 3.0

“As you add functionality to a software system it obviously gets increasingly powerful and flexible, but complexity often increases as well. With this new major release of COS Service Zones we have made a substantial redesign of the user interface. It’s not about adding more functionality, but rather presenting all existing options in a comprehensible way. You shouldn’t need to search for things, but still not be drowned with information. We’ve tried to solve this with a brand new work-flow based dashboard,” says Development Lead Mattias Viberg. “It feels good getting out of the office for some paternity leave with this excellent new version released.”

“We release a new version of COS Service Zones about every quarter and are always looking forward to get the reactions from our customers. Since this release is so focused on usability we are especially eager to hear their feedback on this upgrade,” says COS Systems CEO Peter Lidstrom and continues, “If you’re developing software for a fast moving industry and a global market you’re never finished.”

About COS Service Zones

“Build it, and they will come?” Now, there’s a better way to roll-out fiber-optics by beginning with committed customers. No more deploying from one end of town to the other only to chase customers after. Just follow these steps:

  1. Draw up multiple competing zones across your city or town.
  2. See demand build in real-time as customers signup using your branded website.
  3. Wait until target take-rate is reached before deploying to accelerate profitability.

Our mission: Subscriber-backed, successful fiber, with no more failed projects. COS Service Zones brings broadband to homes all across the globe. Let’s discover the demand in your community.

About COS Systems

COS SYSTEMS is a leading provider of software to plan, deploy and manage modern broadband networks that support services from one or more providers, using a powerful yet simple self-service interface. COS Systems takes customer needs and delivers innovative software solutions that streamline operations, accelerate revenue and deliver more satisfied subscribers. Learn more about COS Systems on

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