COS Systems Recognized as One of Sweden’s 33 Most Promising Tech Companies

Promising Tech Companies: COS Systems team at the recognition event.

Every year the leading tech and business magazines NyTeknik (New Technology) and Affärsvärlden (Business World) presents the list of Sweden’s most promising tech companies, poised to be game changers in their industries worldwide. The list has a proven track record of identifying young and innovative tech companies with potential for rapid global expansion, such as Spotify and Minecraft creators Mojang. Today COS Systems takes its place among these select few.

Stockholm, Sweden – The renowned 33 List celebrates its ten year anniversary with the event in the Swedish capital Stockholm on April 4th. Looking back at previous years’ lists there are several examples of companies that have been game changers and gained a leading position on a global market such as Spotify. A large number of the companies have been listed on stock exchanges and continue to grow rapidly, while some get acquired by the tech giants of the world, such as Apple, Microsoft and Google.

”The 33 List is where to look for up and coming tech companies. Seeing your company on that list is fantastic to say the least, but to identify yourself as a potential game changer in an industry is perhaps being over ambitious. Still, I honestly think we can help our customers overcome two big challenges they face. With COS Service Zones we help our customers generate and aggregate demand prior to the fiber build-out, making sure the network won´t fail due to lack of customers, which historically has been quite common. Also, many municipally owned networks are looking at the Open Access model with multiple private providers delivering service on their network to ensure competition and a choice of services and providers for their residents. This is a hard business model to manage, but that is something our systems has proven to do extremely well, “says COS Systems CMO Isak Finer.


“The fiber broadband industry is exploding in the USA and we at COS have worked hard to become an established provider in the marketplace. It takes some time to build the necessary relationships and trust, but we feel well positioned now to continue our successful expansion, primarily in the USA, but also elsewhere. Since we host our products in the cloud and they are built to be translated we can take on customers pretty much anywhere. From the start we built with global expansion in mind, as many Swedish companies do,” says Finer


“Sweden is not a large market in itself which is why international expansion is vital to growing tech companies. We have come far with most of our customers on export markets now, but for us it often feels like we are just getting started. This recognition proves that we not only have the right products, but also a strong position from where we can accelerate our international growth. For us as well as for any tech company in Sweden, making the 33 List is definitely a milestone to be proud of!“ summarizes COS Systems CEO Peter Lidstrom.

About 33-Listan

Which of today’s technology start-ups have the potential to be the stock exchange giants of tomorrow? To find out, Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik have come up with the most important list currently available – 33-listan. This list has existed for ten years, and all the judges are editors on the teams at Affärsvärlden and Ny Teknik. Find out more about 33-list.

About COS Systems

COS Systems delivers cloud-hosted software to plan, build, and operate broadband networks globally.

COS Service Zones allows network builders to draw competing zones, or “Fiberhoods,” across their city and see real-time demand grow as customers sign up using branded websites. Once target take-rates are reached, the networks are deployed backed by committed customers and secured revenue.

COS Business Engine is a proven network management solution, supporting both single provider and Open Access Networks. Subscribers buy their Internet services from an online marketplace, which increases take rates, ARPU, and customer satisfaction, as the network owner can offer 24/7 availability while reaching maximum operations efficiency, thanks to the extensive use of the self-service solutions.

COS Systems takes customer needs and creates innovative software solutions that streamline customers’ business processes, boost sales and profitability, and create satisfied customers.


For additional information, contact:

Peter Lidstrom
Chief Executive Officer
COS Systems
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Isak Finér
Chief Marketing Officer
COS Systems
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