Vumatel Credits COS Service Zones in BBC Magazine

“We could take Service Zones out of the box and make it work on day one. All we needed to do was add data, and we were off and running.”

Fast-growing South African firm says in Broadband Communities Magazine that COS Service Zones has made the search for customers in neighborhoods smarter and has boosted the company’s growth

Wanting to get away from the “build it and they will come” model of fiber-deployment, Vumatel used COS Systems Service Zones to pinpoint areas in communities across South Africa where demand was high. It’s been a critical part of the firm’s expansion in areas that have been underserved when it comes to Internet speed for years. Vumatel has already engaged more than 42 gated communities and suburbs in Johannesburg and Cape Town using Service Zones. Vumatel CEO Neil Schoeman aims to bring fiber to 200,000 homes in just a few years.

“We are incredibly pleased Vumatel has found COS to be so instrumental in its growth. We’re grateful for the opportunity to work with the ambitious firm, and we thank them for sharing their experiences in the BBC.”

says CMO Isak Finér.

Vumatel highlighted the Service Zones “champions” program as being especially helpful in cutting costs by mobilizing volunteers who want fiber in their neighborhood and are eager to spread the word.

“It’s remarkable. We don’t pay them,” says Schoeman. “They are purely doing it out of their and their communities’ interest. They are advocating our product as a trusted person in their community – seeing the residents, answering questions. And their only reward is to get the community connected. It works very well.”

Read the full piece “Conquering the Broadband World, Fiberhood by Fiberhood” on pages 78-79 of Broadband Communications Magazine.

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