#14 COS Christmas Calendar — QR Code Scanner for ONT Installation Workflow

QR Code Scanning for Installation Workflow

QR Code Scanning for Installation Workflow

#14 QR scanning is a new feature in Business Engine  that makes the installation workflow and deployment process more user-friendly for your technicians. Moreover, it eliminates errors and allows you to streamline the process within your network infrastructure.

Are your field technicians registering the ONT serial number digit by digit or scribbling it down in a notebook or on their hand to hopefully get it correctly into your system once they return to the office? If so, you are dealing with a huge source of errors that can be eliminated!

In Business Engine, the “ONT installation” task is integrated into the work order in our deployment portal

The technician on site opens the task in the deployment portal and scans the QR code on the ONT with either their phone or reading pad. The serial number on the ONT is the key for auto-provisioning, and when the installation task is executed, the right ONT serial number is automatically tied to the right object (the house or apartment).