#15 COS Christmas Calendar — Integration with one more Fiber Documentation System

OSP insights IQGeo integration

OSP insights IQGeo integration

#15 is a great one! We have added support for — yet another — Fiber Documentation System in our portfolio. With this integration, you are able to import service location addresses into Business Engine when an area is ready for registering orders and to be built.

Business Engine shows the name and identity of the building and the connected fiber route from OSPInsight/IQGEO. There is also a direct link in Business Engine to view the relevant building in OSPInsight. The same information is also available for the technician doing the installation. In the background, Business Engine updated the status and information, such as a completed “installation task” in OSPInsight related to the service location and the service order process. Altogether, it makes planning, building, and operating your network much easier. But see for yourself and watch the video here