Telecom Billing: COS Business Engine’s Automated Solutions for Fiber Broadband Networks

Automated Telecom Billing Solutions

Billing is a very central part of telecommunications and of any fiber broadband network. Automated billing is key; cuts costs, ensures revenue, and saves time. COS Business Engine supports all possible business models no matter if you are an Internet Provider billing your subscribers directly or if you are an Open Access Network Operator who charges wholesale fees on a monthly basis.

In the latter case, COS Business Engine aggregates a billing report for every ISP on your network on a monthly basis, available on the COS Business Engine admin interface.

There are variations where the Operator is also billing the end customer, or where the Operator is billing the customer for all services on behalf of the ISPs. COS Business Engine facilitates and automates all these billing models, as well as the traditional single-provider business model.

Automated billing is desirable because it

  • helps monitor your customer’s payments and to detect “bad payers”.
  • eliminates typical risks associated with manual billing, such as data entry errors 
  • creates a great customer experience
  • cuts costs
  • ensures revenue
  • saves time and manpower

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