Improving Network Operations through the Networking Management System of COS Business Engine.

Networking Management System

Computer displaying a Network Management System software interface, showcasing the capabilities of our Networking Management System.

Managing, planning and running your network has never been easier! COS Business Engine offers many features and allows you to stay on top of your network and its performance easily and at all times with tailored diagnostic data. There are two standard roles available:

Admin profile: Take control! Effortlessly allows you to update service assortment, prices, and terms.

Support profile: Gain access to a limited subset of data network diagnostics and information on how services are performing on the network.

Effortlessly Handle Network Outages

Additionally, our latest update in COS Business Engine makes it easier to manage and communicate network outages. If a network element such as an OLT goes down you can create a disruption for that OLT and publish it on the marketplace; either visible for all subscribers or only those who are actually affected. 

Say goodbye to chaos during network disruptions! Our latest update simplifies the process:

Instant Updates: Experience swift communication during outages. Using this function not only keeps your subscribers informed but also reduces the number of tickets that are created and reduces the workload for your support staff.

Prioritizing Information: If a subscriber calls in, the support staff immediately sees that they are affected by an ongoing disruption, and they are therefore able to provide the customer with accurate information right away.

Integration Benefits: If your NOC has monitors and automatically detects outages, our new Network Operations API can push that disruption into the Business Engine.

This disruption is visible to all system users, and they can choose to approve or edit the disruption message and publish it on the marketplace.

Let’s Connect and Transform Your Fiber Project

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If you want to dive deeper into the topic, I highly recommend reading our whitepaper.