COS Speed Test Diagnostic Tool

#8 is an improvement of our Object Birth Certificate functionality.

After installing a new service location and activating the ONT for the first time, the installer can test and document the quality of the new fiber connection. With the Object Birth Certificate functionality in COS Business Engine, this task is automated, thereby saving manual work and eliminating the risk of human error.

The system saves relevant information automatically as part of the installation work order process, and the stored data can later be used for comparison if there is a problem with a service location later on.

Diagnostic Data from ONT Saved During Installation 

When the ONT is connected to the service location in the COS Business Engine installation workflow, diagnostics information for the installed ONT is automatically retrieved and stored. This is done through the COS Zero Touch Provisioning integration with the hardware vendor EMS (Element Management System). The diagnostics information includes

  • OLT/ONT status
  • light levels
  • active alarms 
  • and now also the results of a speed test that can be performed after an object has been deployed (and if it has an active or provisioned internet order)

COS Speed Test Diagnostic Tool