Join us in welcoming Jessica to the COS team!



We are happy to Welcome Jessica Thorfve to COS Systems. Jessica will be working as a Key Account Manager supporting our growing customer base. We’re all extremely excited to have Jessica joining us – you can’t find many people with the experience and expertise within Open Access that she brings.

Jessica last comes from one of Sweden’s largest Service Providers, A3, which is the brand under which the merged Service Providers Alltele and T3 now operates. When Jessica started at T3 in 2011, it was still a relatively small player, with under 20 000 broadband customers. During the coming five years until the acquisition by Alltele, the company had an incredible growth. During this time Jessica, who started her “while figuring out what to do next” job as a customer support rep, quickly advanced to team manager for customer support, to marketing, managing the content on the company’s web, and other related tasks.

In 2016 she became manager for the residential side of the business and in charge of the commercial relationships with the operators of the 100+ open access community networks T3 was delivering services on. After the merger of T3 and Alltele she got an even larger responsibility as manager for the entire community network broadband business unit, now adding up to almost 200 000 subscribers on close to 160 networks.

While our COS Business Engine customers are the owners and operators of the open access networks, some of the most frequent users are often the service providers. They are themselves publishing their services on the Marketplaces, creating and launching promotional campaigns, etc. The expertise Jessica is bringing about the Service Providers’ role in the Open Access business model will be extremely valuable. We are also sure, not only us, but especially our customers who Jessica will be working with on a daily basis will very much appreciate her positive attitude and consistent drive to make things work even better.