COS Systems Covid-19 response


Our world is at this moment struggling with the health issues and the rapid economic downturn following the Covid-19 pandemic. While measures taken by governments differ somewhat between countries, one thing is clear. As people are trying to care for themselves and others by social distancing this means more time is spent at home. Especially in countries where authorities have ordered their residents to stay at home, there is no choice but to work and study using online tools. Never in history has the need for reliable internet connections been more evident.

Overnight, what we at COS together with our partners in the industry have been trying to explain has become gravely obvious; High capacity Internet is not a luxury to be used by the privileged for pleasure – it’s critical infrastructure as important as road, electricity and water systems. Never has the divide between the haves and have nots been larger.

As a provider of software to the broadband industry, with systems used to manage the daily operations of the networks we are relying so heavily on now, we find ourselves being part of the solution people turn to. We want to ensure our customers that we are committed to continue our work as usual during this crisis. We follow the guidelines set forth by the authorities and while working from home we will still deliver the same high level of customer support as always. While we aren’t doing physical meetings and minimize travels at this time, all functions of the company are fully operational. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions, concerns or interest in our products.

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