COS Systems Winners at Umeagalan

A unique product suite and the last years’ international successes were the main reasons why COS Systems was named winners in the category Best New Business at this year’s Umea Gala (Umeågalan).

COS Systems Team Triumphantly Holding the Best New Business Award at Umea Gala

Since 2004 the Umea Gala has recognized successful companies in COS System’s hometown Umea that are contributing positively to the city’s development and the local business community. This year the prize for Best New Business 2016, was won by COS Systems.

 “The best new business of the year is a company that enriches the business community of Umea with new ways of thinking. The winning company offers a unique product or service and has built a solid foundation for long term growth and success. The winner is a role model for others starting and growing their business. Other important factors are export outside of the city and country and the constant challenging of established ways of conducting business.”

“It’s always great to win and this prize is something we can all be very proud of,” says COS Systems CMO Isak Finer. “The entire COS team has worked very hard to develop, market and sell our unique solutions for Demand Aggregation (COS Service Zones) and Open Access Network Management (COS Business Engine). With the successes we’ve seen the past few years we all feel we are getting up to speed, but with our targets set very high the common feeling is that we’re just getting started. When you’re working hard every day it’s often difficult to take a step back and look at what you’ve achieved so far. This recognition made us do just that and we are very proud of the prize and what we have accomplished the past few years.”

“This prize might not have a great meaning to our international customers who probably have never even heard of Umea, but for us winning this prize is fantastic. We have a great team that has managed to take us to where we are today, with a truly unique product suite and customers soon in every corner of the world. But to keep the momentum going we need to grow our team. Backed by a state of the art fiber infrastructure our city boasts a very strong IT sector and there’s fierce competition to recruit developers and other competences we need. Winning this prize certainly puts us on the map. I hope and believe that this recognition will help us in recruiting the best talents,” says Peter Lidstrom, CEO.

About Umeågalan and Umeå

Umeågalan was founded in 2004 to recognize successful companies and entrepreneurs and their importance to the growth and development of the City of Umeå. The Gala has grown into the biggest and most important event for the city’s business community. It’s a place for entrepreneurs to meet and the vision of the event is that Umeå will offer the best opportunities for starting and growing new businesses in Sweden. Umeå is the largest city in the northern part of Sweden with 120,000 people. It is one of the fastest growing IT regions in the country with many successful startups and an inflow of new competency from one of Sweden’s largest universities with over 30,000 students.

About COS Systems

COS Systems is a leading provider of software to plan, deploy and manage modern broadband networks that support services from one or more providers, using a powerful yet simple self-service interface. COS Systems takes customer needs and delivers innovative software solutions that streamline operations, accelerate revenue and deliver more satisfied subscribers. Learn more about COS Systems on

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Chief Executive Officer
COS Systems
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