COS Systems Recognized as One of the Fastest Growing Companies in Sweden

DI Gasell Prize - Recognizing Fastest Growing Companies in Sweden

Our CEO Peter Lidström with the prestigious DI Gasell for Fiber Network Achievement

COS Systems, the developer of software for fiber network builders and operators, has shown years of strong growth. This resulted in the acquisition of the company that was recently announced. Today, COS also received the DI Gasell (Gazelle) prize and earns a spot on the list of Sweden’s fastest growing companies.  

Umeå, Sweden, October 15, 2020 – The leading Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri has since year 2000 recognized the fastest growing companies in the country with their DI Gasell prize. This year COS Systems was one of the companies meeting the criteria to be awarded with this prestigious prize. This was announced at a ceremony held in COS System’s hometown Umeå. COS Systems was founded in 2011 and after an initial focus on product development the company has expanded rapidly during the last five years. Today the company has a strong base on the Swedish municipal Open Access network market, customers on multiple continents and a majority of their customers in the USA.

Less than one percent of Swedish companies meet the criteria to qualify for this prize. In short, the company needs to show a track record of multiple consecutive years of significant profitable growth. The idea of Gazelle companies was developed by American economist David Burch who introduced the concept in his 1987 book, Job Creation in America: How Our Smallest Companies Put the Most People to Work. He meant that small fast-growing companies, despite being few, accounted for the creation of 70 % of new jobs.

“We do have growth highest on our agenda and I’m proud that we have managed to more than double over turnover in the last years, while increasing our profits significantly. It feels amazing to receive this Gazelle prize, as a receipt on a job well done. Our plans for the future are of course continued growth with new customers and markets, but also a large number of new recruitments. After all, that is what is expected by a Gazelle company,” says Peter Lidstrom, CEO at COS Systems

About COS Systems

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