Broadband Communities Summit 2020

Broadband Communities Summit: Join Webinars & Workshops for High-Speed Broadband Insights

Broadband Communities Summit: Join Webinars & Workshops for High-Speed Broadband Insights
The Broadband Communities Summit is the leading event for community leaders, multifamily property owners and network builders and deployers interested in the building, managing, marketing and monetizing of high-speed broadband technologies and services.

Next week September 22-24th, 2020 COS Systems representatives will be participating in several different sessions that you don’t want to miss. Make sure to join the following:

Sep 22nd 2:35-2:45 pm CDT – Exhibit Hall Virtual Marketplace Presentation on COS Service Zones and the New Speedtest Release

Sep 24th 10-10:50 am CDTBuild Your Network as an Open and Automated Platform for Future Providers, Services and Revenue – Fast internet is just one of a multitude of services that can be delivered on your fiber infrastructure. By building your network from the start with the ability to virtually slice every fiber for specific services and for specific providers – while also being able to price those slices separately – it will be possible to deliver all the services of the future on one shared infrastructure. Yes, this introduces a whole new level of complexity. And, yes, automation is crucial. But it is already being done today, and we’ll show you how!

Sep 24th 11-11:50 am CDT – Workshop: Zero Touch Provisioning of True Open Access Networks  – COS Systems has been automating service provisioning on fiber networks in Europe since 2008. In this workshop you will get to experience how this works and meet the engineers who made it possible. COS Systems is now introducing this functionality in North America in partnership with Nokia and you will also learn about their end-to-end electronics platform and architecture strategies for automated networks open to multiple service providers.

If you are interested in reading up on how we can automate the provisioning of services you should check out page 76-78 in the march/april edition of the BCC Magazine. There is also a piece about it on the news section of our website. 

Make plans to visit us on the exhibit floor in the virtual Exhibit Hall! Use VIP Code: EXHVIP when registering; and receive a one-day exhibit only pass that gives you free access to the exhibit floor and sessions that day. If you wish to attend as a full Conference attendee, use VIP-code SpeakerVIP350 when registering to get a full conference pass for $350, thats $100 off.