Product Improvement of the Month


Our latest feature update lets you establish hierarchies for serviceable locations that have dependencies on each other.

For example, if you want to collect signups from potential customers in a multi-dwelling unit (MDU), you can create a parent-child relationship and hierarchy in COS Business Engine:

In this case, the “Parent Object” is the MDU, and the apartments are set up as “Children”. 

After establishing these levels, individual apartments/customers can pre-sign up for services but will have to wait for the “Parent,” the associated MDU, to be connected and ready before these signups can proceed to actual orders. 

A typical use case would be to sell to customers in MDUs where you don’t have the property owner’s permission to come into the building without overpromising.

Of course, this works in conjunction with Work Orders, which means that you can create installation workflows specific to MDU buildings to streamline that installation process.