FTTH Fiber to the Home Automation Solutions

FTTH Fiber to the Home Automation Solutions

FTTH Fiber to the Home Automation Solutions

COS software solutions, tailored for Fiber-to-the-Home operators and Service Providers, offer a robust fiber network automation and management solution. At the heart of this is the COS Business Engine, a unified BSS OSS platform that efficiently enables the provision of multiple services over a single fiber connection. This empowers network operators to expand their service offerings and discover new revenue streams. Moreover, it allows them to streamline operations and customer support to effectively meet the growing demand for private networks. COS’ open-access capabilities provide you with: 

Higher take-rates:

COS’ open-access capabilities result in significantly higher take rates than marketing a single service network. Consumers usually spend more when given various choices, with take rates often up to three times higher.

A More Profitable Business Model:

By accessing wholesale revenue streams, you can become a specialist in your field and create a more profitable business model. This approach allows you to leverage your expertise and offer a range of services to different market segments.

Improved  public and private partnerships:

COS solutions promote better public-private partnerships. Municipalities can invest in infrastructure and provide enhanced digital services to their citizens without competing directly with commercial consumer services.

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