#7 COS Christmas Calendar — New Monitoring Feature for Network Connection Status

#7 The new display option on the Dashboard map introduces an enhanced monitoring feature for network connection status. 

This feature provides users with an overview of the ONTs (Optical Network Terminal) and their current status. By clearly indicating which units are installed and which ones are not, the map gives users a quick insight into the distribution of the network.

A particularly useful aspect of this feature is the ability to indicate whether each ONT is reachable or unreachable within the network. The clear visualization of network connection status on the map facilitates troubleshooting and enables real-time action to ensure a stable and reliable network connection.

ONT Monitoring Feature

What is an ONT?

An Optical Network Outlet (ONT) is an outlet to the internet for fiber technology, just like a cable modem is an outlet for a coaxial cable internet connection. In your fiber network, the ONT is the modem. It sends infrared light pulses to communicate with your ISP (Internet Service Provider), and with the fiber router in your house or apartment, you can then get and distribute a Wi-Fi signal to all your devices.