We are happy to welcome Anders Lindehall back to COS Systems!

Anders Lindehall

Anders Lindehall

As one of COS Systems founders and over ten years of experience, Anders brings invaluable expertise and knowledge within COS Systems products and the broadband industry.

Anders will be working as a Partner Manager – managing and strengthening our relationship with both new and existing partners. We’re all extremely excited to have Anders joining us again.

“I’m happy and grateful to have had the opportunity to collect experience from a different workplace this past year, but home is where the heart is and I’m glad to be back at COS Systems”, says Anders Lindehall, Partner Manager

We at COS Systems believe that working closely with partners is key to a comprehensive and successful product. If you’re interested to know more on how we work together with partners, you can get in touch with Anders.


Anders Lindehall
Partner Manager
COS Systems
+46 (70) 656 66 86