Interview with our Customer Success Director Jessica Thorfve

From Northern Sweden to West Palm Beach

You might or might not know this but COS Systems headquarter is located in the city of Umeå, in beautiful northern Sweden. As we promised last year, we’re going to strengthen our presence in the United States and Jessica Thorfve, one of our Customer Success Directors has packed her suitcase (possibly two) to move to West Palm Beach ✈️. We sat down for a chat to find out a bit more about Jessica’s move to Florida:

When are you moving and how long are you planning to stay in the US?

I will be moving to the states on March 29th! I’m planning on staying as long as I can but to start things off, I will be there for three months. In July, I’m coming back to Sweden to spend my summer vacation with friends and family and I’ll be back in Florida in August.

What are you most looking forward to?

Since I’m mainly working towards the North American market, I’m looking forward to being closer to our customers there and to be able to take more meetings in person. As well as living in the US for a while, this has always been a dream of mine.

Why did you choose Florida and West Palm Beach?

Being a born and raised northern Swede, I’m really looking forward to getting some sunshine and warm weather (we still have snow here in the end of March), so West Palm Beach was an easy choice.

What are you going to miss the most? 

My family, friends and colleagues of course, but thankfully they are just a phone call away.

We are really going to miss having Jessica at the office but are glad at the same time to have yet one more reason to travel to the US.

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