Maren Buchmüller joins our team

From fashion to fiber

This week, we expanded our team with a new colleague. Maren Buchmüller joins our fantastic team as a Digital Marketing Manager with ten years of experience in communications and marketing, she will help us connect even more people to affordable broadband with our software.

Maren grew up in southern Germany and  after graduating from University of Heidelberg in 2011, she’s been living in different parts of Sweden and recently moved to Umeå where our head office is located. She claims to understand all Swedish accents now and is really excited about being able to bike to the office again 😉

After working in the public sector in southern Sweden, Maren spent the last five years working for one of the world’s biggest fashion retailers in Stockholm. At H&M Headquarters, she held positions both at the Marketing and the Online Sales department and is therefore experienced in working with global campaigns, large-scale collaborations as well as country-specific campaigns.

During her time at H&Ms Online Sales department she gained valuable insights into handling different CMS systems, switching between technical platforms in order to expand to different countries and learned what it actually takes to  reach the customer with your message.

She definitely sharpened her marketing skills during this period and knows how to put the customer first.

“We’re excited to have Maren on our team and know she will help us connect with our customers even better.” says COS Systems CRO Isak Finer.