COS Systems Hiring Within Marketing and Sales in Europe & North America

Teamwork at COS - Join our marketing and sales efforts for Fiber-to-the-home solutions.

COS Systems is a world leader in software for Fiber-to-the-home operators. With a unique offering for the end-to-end-automation of networks open to multiple providers (Open Access Ready networks), COS is extremely well positioned as this operating model grows exponentially world-wide. To grab this market opportunity, COS is looking to fill positions within marketing and sales.

One of the major aftermaths of the global pandemic is the expedited transfer to digital channels for everything from education, work, healthcare and entertainment. This global mega trend combined with massive grant programs, and readily available private investments for broadband infrastructure investments is making our market niche, fiber-to-the-home, explode.

At COS we are confident the future of marketing is digital and extremely targeted. As a digital Marketing Manager at COS you will have the opportunity to co-create our digital marketing strategy and then execute on it. We’re looking for a multi-talented professional who can produce content, drive marketing efforts, and work with multiple platforms such as Hubspot and LinkedIn to build and grow a solid pipeline of leads.

With unprecedented demand for our software solutions and increased marketing efforts, we also have an urgent need to increase our sales capacity. We are looking for Senior Sales Executives in both North America (USA or Canada) and Europe. Experience from the Fiber broadband industry and software is a strong qualification.

Read more about the open positions on our website and reach out to our hiring manager Isak Finer with any questions.