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What is COS Business Engine EE?

COS Business Engine Enterprise Edition is a proven BSS/OSS (Business and Operations Support System). It allows your subscribers to shop on-line 24/7 for services offered on your network and have them automatically provisioned. It contains tools to increase take-rates and ARPU and automates the complexity of Open Access network operations.

COS Business Engine EE

  • Customized Online Marketplace Builds Your Brand

    COS Business Engine provides a standard portal which can easily be modified to include customized logos, colors and fonts, to match the graphical profile of the customer. For larger operators there might be a need for additional functionality or even a higher degree of customization to really harmonize with the brands image. COS Systems Business Engine Enterprise Edition offers customer specific modifications and adaptations with provided support and maintenance throughout.

  • Automatic Service Activation – Customer is Online Instantly

    When the network grows and the number of daily activation’s and cancellations grow, the transition over to automatic provisioning of the services will be the most cost beneficial method . With this functionality the operator can reach unmatched efficiency and maximum profitability. The instant activation removes all the manual input from the operator related to subscribers’ orders or cancellations. When the order is placed in the Online Marketplace, COS Business Engine Enterprise Edition automatically notifies the service provider that they have obtained a new customer and should start the billing cycle. Also, all of the necessary customer data will be sent automatically. The automatic activation functionality activates the subscriber instantly and within minutes after the order is placed the subscriber is online with their new service – making their experience as easy and comfortable as it can possibly be.

COS Business Engine Standard Features

  • Hassle free 24/7 sales with your online marketplace

    With your branded COS Business Engine online marketplace, your subscribers can browse your entire portfolio of services, from basic internet access to VOIP, Triple play packages and higher end services such as cloud storage, security services, etc. accommodating virtually everyone.

    Data gathered from companies using the online marketplace indicates that more than 50% of the orders placed are outside of normal business hours. This means that if you aren’t retaining a staffed call center 24/7 you’re not actually meeting your customer’s service demands. Also, when subscribers have the desire to purchase services it can be at the most problematic time span to maintain a fully functioning staff. The online marketplace can essentially complete the tasks of an entire call center while eliminating human error. This will place all the responsibility on the customer to submit their own contact and payment details and they can browse your assortment of products at their own pace to make the most educated purchase.  Allow your customers to buy what they want when they need it!

  • Single or Multi Provider - Supports Open Access Since 2008

    From the beginning, COS Business Engine was developed to be the fundamental operating application for multi provider networks (Open Access).

    Keeping track of all the moving parts when an order is placed can be tricky, for example a single subscriber can potentially purchase Internet access, VOIP, IPTV and Cloud storage from four different suppliers each with their own distinct contract details and pricing.

    One of the more substantial problems to manage is when the subscriber begins to change services and service providers. One minor miscue can easily develop into a snowball effect so it is extremely important to have a system that can understand and handle something this complex. COS Business Engine was first developed in 2008 and accomplished this task even then, but to a large extent has been redesigned from scratch and now, in its newest version, we are extremely satisfied with the latest improvements and we do not hesitate to call it “The best Open Access management system available.”

  • Self Service for all maximizes organizational effectiveness

    The key to efficient network operations is Self Service, especially when operating an Open Access network. As an operator you will provide the self service platform for the service providers to present and sell their services to the subscribers. If you’re operating a network on behalf of a network owner, preferably you will want the reporting on how the network is being utilized to be automated as well. COS Business Engine offers all of this by enabling all of the parties in the Open Access model to login and work within the same system. The Operator opens the online marketplace for any number of service providers by defining the kind of basic services that will be sold over the network, i.e. a 1 GigaBit internet connection. The service providers will then use their limited login to establish their offerings upon that basic service, by describing the specifications and values of their 1 GigaBit connection, with the price and specific terms and conditions. This is then automatically published on the online marketplace. This maximizes the operator’s efficiency and enables an extremely quicker way for competition among the service providers.

    By allowing the subscribers to create their own user account in the system, they will have their own personal “My Page” where they can see their current services bought, their history of services and all the terms and conditions accepted online. When subscribers buy or cancel their services online in the marketplace all necessary information is automatically sent to the service providers and the operator. Through the network owner’s login, they can access their customized dashboard where they can see how their network is being utilized and other key metrics. When it comes to the business and customer focused operations most of the functions are generated automatically so that the operator can focus on the technical operations of the network and business development.

  • Dashboards enable accurate business decisions in seconds

    Operating a network can be complex, but COS Business Engine helps you filter out some of the most important features. There are five different dashboards, each is tailored to the type of user that is logged into the system – customer service, sales and marketing, technical support, service provider and the network owner. Every dashboard is unique and highlights the data most interesting for that particular user.

    A central feature in every dashboard is the “waiting for action” list, this is where anything that requires an action from someone is listed. As long as it has not been performed and reported back to the system in the correct manner, it will remain on the list. This is designed so that human errors are almost eliminated completely and nothing falls between the cracks.

  • Reports will underpin your decisions

    COS Business Engine includes a set of standard reports that can be printed out of the system on request, and/or designated for a scheduled email to a predefined email address. The reports will yield detailed information on everything from take-rate developments and technical information. Well informed decisions is the key when managing the business and choosing future strategies. With the necessary data from the reports you can follow up with previous decisions and confidently point out the direction for future plans.

  • Validated data quality ensures human errors won’t slow you down

    The complexity of managing an Open Access network lies in inputting all of the necessary data into the system in a structured and reliable method, so all parties involved receive it quickly and accurate. COS Business Engine is as fault proof as it gets. There are thousands of validations and cross-checks built into the system to ensure no data containing errors or appear incomplete make it into the system. Users of the system will not be allowed to pass the required input steps if the data is in the wrong format or incomplete. This may feel a bit cumbersome at first, but over time this will have a huge impact on saving you time and money. When faulty data has the capability of existing then the output of this data begins to be unreliable and locating the source of this bad data can almost be impossible. Bad data in, means bad data out.

    With COS Business Engine validations, your data will always be correct and remain correct, which is a key factor when operating an efficient and profitable network.

  • Billing data aggregated in billing reports for efficient billing

    Billing can be one of the most common reasons for disputes between customers, service providers and operators. Correct billing is also crucial to ensure reliable cash flow and profit margins. Since COS Business Engine is a common platform for all of the involved parties, there will never be any reasons for disputes about billing. The subscriber purchases their services in the marketplace and can at any time login to their “My Pages” to view an updated list of which services have been purchased and when. The identical information will also be available for the service provider and operator within their interface.
    The billing data is aggregated in billing reports per service provider with the chosen time intervals. COS Business supports most billing scenarios. The billing data is aggregated in a report suitable for an attachment to the bill. COS Business Engine delivers accurate billing every time and will eliminate disputes about bills.

  • Promotional campaign support to boost your take-rates in targeted areas

    COS Business Engine is designed to maximize operators efficiency by ensuring accurate data over time, an entirely self-service system and automated business processes. COS Business Engine also comes with many functionalities to increase and expedite sales. The powerful filtering functionality makes it easy to create a pinpointed promotional campaign to increase take-rates and upgrade subscribers to faster speeds. Using the filters, the operator can for example filter all subscribers along a specific street, living in MDU buildings and currently subscribing to a 10 Megabit connection from any service provider. For these specific subscribers the operator can design a promotional offer to reduce the operations cost for a 100 Megabit service for 6 months, provided that the service providers also offer half price for their services during the same time period.
    This promotional Campaign is published automatically on all of the chosen service providers’ dashboards and it will then be up to them to accept the campaign and design their offering around the conditions defined by the operator. Once this is created by the service provider, the promotional campaign is automatically published on the online marketplace, but only visible to those subscribers who were originally filtered. Customers not filtered cannot take part of the offer and will not even see it in the online marketplace. This is so operators and the service providers can lessen the risk of making other subscribers upset about special offers not available to them. Of course a list of all the addresses subject to the campaign are available from COS Business Engine with a simple click of the mouse. With this information the service providers can make pinpoint accurate and extremely cost efficient sales and marketing efforts promoting the campaign to only those who it applies. Eliminate expensive blanket marketing.


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