Branded website helps make the case for fiber in rural Itasca County

Blandin Community

In the very rural areas surrounding Grand Rapids, Blandin hopes to help lure infrastructure investment by collecting data in COS Service Zones™ surveys.

ITASCA COUNTY, MINNESOTA – In rural Itasca County, Minnesota, many residents lack the high-speed Internet access they need to stay connected and power their businesses. The Blandin Foundation wants to help. Using COS Service Zones™, the foundation is supporting county efforts to pinpoint demand and help to rally communities around fiber.

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‘Bing Maps offered the best interoperability with COS Service Zones reporting software, which reduces time-to-market. And its ease of use appeals to service providers and homeowners alike.’

“We’re honored COS has been selected by Microsoft as a way to highlight their products’ functionality, Bing’s mapping features and Azure’s hosting power have been so helpful for us in our goal of making it easy to find and meet demand for broadband”

said COS Systems CMO Isak Finér.

In the case study, COS Systems Chief Executive Officer Peter Lidström describes how Microsoft helped lay the framework for the Service Zones™ solution.

“High-speed fiber networks are becoming as important as highways,” Lidström said. “We set out to build a web-based solution to help communications providers, communities, utilities, and network planners deploy high-speed networks when and where it makes good economic sense.” Read more