Santa Clara, California, and Umeå, Sweden, August 22, 2023 – netElastic, an innovative software company providing high-performance routing solutions, and COS Systems, a leading provider of network management and billing solutions for Service Providers and Open Access Networks are excited to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration brings together two industry leaders to revolutionize the delivery of RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial-In User Service) solutions for service providers worldwide.

This partnership between COS Systems and netElastic addresses the growing demand for BSS solutions for Open Access networks. By combining COS System’s unique open-access billing solution with netElastic’s pioneering vBNG routers, the companies will provide service providers with a powerful, future-ready RADIUS platform.

COS Systems Business Engine, a proven network management solution (BSS/OSS) supporting Service Providers and Open Access Networks with an automated end-to-end solution to streamline fiber network management will integrate seamlessly with netElastic’s virtual BNG, a software-based solution that enables service providers to deliver high-performance broadband services. This integration will empower open access service providers to efficiently manage subscriber access and authentication through a centralized RADIUS solution, allowing them to choose virtually any RADIUS-capable BNG solution to manage subscribers.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with netElastic Systems whose disaggregated approach to BNG makes it an attractive solution, creating a wider overlap with fiber operators using COS. This collaboration brings key L3 functionality to enable automation in forward-thinking, unique business models.” said Mikael Philipsson, CEO of COS Systems. 

“While programming an OLT directly is good enough for many ISPs, open-access networkers need fine-grained subscriber control to provide services that allow them to differentiate in the market.” said Tom Mitchell, VP of Strategy and Business Development at netElastic Systems. “RADIUS is the open standard that enables this and netElastic’s virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) is the ideal router to bring it all home.”

COS Systems and netElastic are committed to helping service providers around the world deliver exceptional broadband services with unmatched reliability and performance. The partnership will focus on providing best-in-class RADIUS solutions to meet the evolving needs of service providers and their subscribers.

About COS Systems:

COS Systems is a leading provider of cloud-hosted network management and billing solutions for service providers. COS Business Engine is a proven network management solution (BSS/OSS) supporting Service Providers and Open Access Networks. The end-to-end platform provides subscribers self-service and digital sales and marketing through an online marketplace. Service orders will be automatically activated within a minute and billing follows with no operator interaction. It offers a great user experience, increasing take rates and revenue. COS Systems has a global customer base and serves a wide range of service providers, including municipalities, utilities, network operators, and fiber ISPs. Learn more about COS Systems at

About netElastic:

netElastic is an innovative software company providing high-performance routing solutions for broadband providers. netElastic developed one of the first software-based broadband network gateways (BNGs) and has been a leader ever since. netElastic vBNG brings greater scalability, flexibility, and lower costs to BNGs. netElastic’s software-based CGNAT solution provides the most important CGNAT features at a fraction of the cost of traditional proprietary CGNAT solutions. For more information, please visit

How much bandwidth do subscribers actually need? And can the digital divide be closed even in a country with one of the most unequal distributions of wealth and income in the world? Watch the latest episode with these exciting guests

🇿🇦 Steve Briggs, CEO of Isizwe from South Africa
🇨🇦 Bradley Fisher, CRO of Distributel from Canada
🇸🇪 Isak Finér, CRO of COS Systems from Sweden

and their host
🇺🇸 Nick Dinsmoor, CMO of Bonfire from the United States


sak Finér, CRO of COS Systems, discussing broadband connectivity on the Beer and Broadband podcast.












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We are thrilled to announce that we are now one of Calix elite partners! As Calix’ leading BSS/OSS partner with open access/wholesale functionality, we are really excited about the upgraded partnership and are looking forward to future projects and continuous collaboration.

Calix Partners deliver services and solutions that simplify the management of fiber and broadband networks through custom design and operations, excite the customer subscribers, and help grow their business.

Elite Partners hold the highest tier in the Calix Partner Program. They are rapidly growing industry disrupters, changing the way our businesses and customers operate and evolve. Elite partners are the most aligned and highly integrated early adopters of Calix technologies, hold the strongest relationships, and share a large number of joint customers. They also support Calix initiatives and in return receive dedicated relationship management and a seat at the table for strategic innovation from Calix.


A symbolic bridge representing the strengthened Calix Investor Relations, fostering collaborative growth and innovation with COS Systems as a strategic partner in the telecommunications industry.

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It has been read, often quoted, and used to explain Open Access by many.

What was once written as a blog post on COS System website in 2019 has now been updated and edited into a White Paper.

Download your copy of Isak Finer´s White Paper here, or fill in the form below.

A girl reading Isak Finer's Open Access White Paper on her iPad, exploring the significance of Open Access.


An Open Access approach offers many advantages:

  • Higher take rates than if you market a single service network. In fact, take rates are often up to three times as high – as consumers tend to spend more when given ample choices.
  • A more profitable business model because it gives you access to the wholesale revenue streams – it allows you to become a specialist in your field.
  • Improved public and private partnerships as communities can invest in infrastructure and provide their citizens with digital possibilities; without having to compete with commercial consumer services.

Curious to learn more? Read our white paper on the subject

Open Access Models: Isak Finér Speaking at Canada’s Rural & Remote Broadband Conference Winter Event

Open Access models have been garnering more attention in Canada due to public funding requirements and as a part of Public Private Partnership (P3)-based municipal investments.

Isak Finér, COS Systems Chief Revenue Officer, will be speaking at Monday’s panel, 1:00-1:55 PM EST.
This panel will provide context and clarity to the definitions around Open Access, will discuss business and operating models, opportunities for service innovation and explore lessons learned from active Open Access network providers.

Canada’s Rural & Remote Broadband Conference is hosting their Winter Event on Monday, December 13th.

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Illustration of The Road to Broadband concept with roads representing progress and connectivity.

Now is the time for communities to invest in broadband infrastructure to improve citizens’ quality of life and promote economic prosperity. When opportunities arise, will your organization be ready? States, municipalities, community organizations, Tribal governments, and community groups must strategize NOW if they intend to get their proposed projects “shovel-ready” for deep, detailed applications and, ultimately, funding.

That’s why NoaNet is hosting these upcoming FREE “Road to Broadband” virtual workshops for communities on Nov. 30 and Dec. 16. There will be practical conversations to learn from communities and organizations that have been there.

Do like COS Systems! Join NoaNet for Broadband 101 if you want to grasp the basics- or stick with the workshop for both afternoons to get a solid understanding of the considerations of taking on a community telecommunications project in this step-by-step virtual workshop.

Speakers will include:
• PUDs, Cities, and Ports providing Broadband Solutions,
• Broadband Strategists,
• Grant Writers,
• The Washington State Broadband Office,
• The Community Economic Revitalization Board,
• Telecom Network Engineers,
• Technology Vendors,
• and more!

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