Student Employee

Interview with Intira Wongla

This is a perfect opportunity to work with what I am passionate about – digital marketing and branding

We are very excited to have Intira join our team! As Digital Marketing Coordinator she will support us with everything from improving our digital presence, business analysis and creating an even better customer experience. We’re extra proud to have hired a local star and as a student employee, Intira will work about 15h a week alongside finishing her studies. We think this is a real win-win situation giving Intira the chance to apply what she knows in practice and us to train and learn from a student with the latest insights.

Tell us a little about yourself – who are you and what is your background?

I’m an outgoing student pursuing a Master of Business and Economics, specializing in business administration. I studied in England and worked as an SEO intern at a media agency in Stockholm. I also have experience in Customer Service at IKEA and currently serve as a Customer Relationship Manager in the Uniaden project team. I’m driven, result-oriented, and excited for new challenges in digital marketing.

What caught your interest in COS Systems?

COS’ innovative approach to broadband solutions caught my attention. Their focus on advanced software for network management and its potential to revolutionize the FTTH industry is truly inspiring. Contributing to such a forward-thinking company is truly exciting.

Why do you want to work as a student employee? 

Working as a student employee allows me to pursue my passion for digital marketing and branding. While I’ve already specialized in this field, working in-house and being involved in the entire journey is even more fulfilling.

What are you going to focus on over the summer?

Throughout the summer, I’ll primarily focus on improving COS Systems‘ digital presence. This involves developing and optimizing website content, conducting market research, and analyzing key performance indicators.

Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

Here’s a fun fact – I love badminton! If anyone wants to challenge me, I’m up for it!