COS Systems Nominated at Umeagalan


Since 2004 the Umea Gala has recognized successful companies in our hometown Umea that are contributing positively to the city’s development and the local business community.

We at COS are proud to be nominated in the category Best New Business 2016. It might sound odd that we, with roots from early 2000’s, our first major product released in 2008 and our foundation as a stand alone company in 2011 are awarded in this category, but when reading the description of the prize it makes perfect sense.

“The best new business of the year is a company that enriches the business community of Umea with new ways of thinking. The winning company offers a unique product or service and has built a solid foundation for long term growth and success. The winner is a role model for others starting and growing their business. Other important factors are export outside of the city and country and the constant challenging of established ways of conducting business.”

With our unique solutions for Demand Aggregation (COS Service Zones) and Open Access Network Management (COS Business Engine) and our international success we are very proud to be nominated in this category. In only the last year or two we have managed to win customers in more than half of all US states and with our latest customer in the Philippines the only continent left to cover is Australia.

Umea has a very strong business community, not at least in the IT sector, building on one of Sweden’s largest universities and excellent broadband infrastructure with fiber in the ground since the mid 90’s. Despite the strong competition we are keeping our hopes high. The winner will be announced this Thursday night at the grand gala.

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