COS Business Engine 2.0

COS Business Engine 2.0
COS Business Engine 2.0 - Enhanced Business Operations Support System for Open Access Networks

COS Business Engine 2.0

We are happy to announce COS Business Engine 2.0. Since COS Business Engine was released it has seen many improvements, but with 2.0 we bring major changes to key areas that give our customers and their customers’ greater flexibility and improvements in the overall usability.

“With the increase of Demand in our Cloud Solutions we decided it was time to make some major improvements to COS Business Engine. While we often hear it is an easy to use software from our customers we felt there were features that could be added to help them and their customers in their daily tasks, “says Senior System Architect and COS Systems co-founder Peter Sjöblom.

COS Business Engine is a proven BSS/OSS (Business and Operations Support System) hosted in the cloud, supporting Open Access networks. Subscribers buy their Internet services from an online marketplace, which increases take rates, ARPU, and customer satisfaction, as the network owner can offer 24/7 availability, while reaching maximum operations efficiency, thanks to the extensive use of self-service solutions. The COS Business Engine Cloud solution, that has a selected set of features available in the full Enterprise Edition, is the excellent platform for small or startup networks or operators. When more advanced needs arises it’s a simple task to upgrade to the Enterprise version.

The new update includes an all new network inventory, service provider specific portals, provider ranking, and improvements in Agreements, Ads, File Management, overall usability and much more. Most of the visible improvements have been made to the Marketplace (the customer portal), which now allows the Service Provider to market and sell their services even more efficiently.

For more information on COS Business Engine 2.0 contact:

Isak Finér
Chief Marketing Officer
COS Systems AB
+46-737 51 99 38