Capture your customers before you dig new fiber

With ServiceZones, COS's new pre-registration tool, you can easily collect interest requests from specific areas and gauge
customer demand. Ensure profitability before you ever break ground! COS is with you every step of the way, from the first
sign of customer interest until they are surfing the internet.

Self service

Let subscribers order whenever they feel like

The complete OSS/BSS system

for single and multi-provider networks

COS Systems offers a suite of software solutions covering all your needs from planning to managing Open Access Fiber networks

We carefully select which functionality that makes it into COS. Each feature is aimed towards making your network safe, reliable and profitable. COS is the one system you need to manage infrastructure, providers, services, customers and activations


Network equipment

Don’t be limited by vendor. COS lets you choose the equipment that best suits
your operation

Deploy your network where it pays for itself

Until now, fiber deployments were constricted by best-effort estimates and assumptions. COS delivers the tools for optimal ROI and real identified customer interest to support economic development, planning, design, and service professionals.

Eliminate any doubts: Drive profitable fiber network deployments with real revenue data. COS enables gigabit growth in your community with tools that:

  • Discover demand for fiber
  • Design your network for optimal ROI
  • Deploy with subscriber-backing

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